Our well stocked bar with an enthusiastic bartender augments the ambience and lifts up your spirits ! For the convenience of our patrons, the bar also offers a plethora of mouth watering snacks. Bar Menu: Scotch, Indian Whiskey Premium, Rum, Brandy, Beer and many other brands.



Jewel's Menu is specially designed for families who enjoy eating good Wholesome food. Special care is taken to see that all foods are hygienically handled and service is prompt and friendly.

About the Restaurant

Jewel's is a wonderful blend of the Fast Food, Ice Cream Parlour & Hot Shoppe.

About the Decor

The feeling is of space and coolness, Plenty of greens, colourful furniture and bright surroundings create a refreshingly pleasant atmosphere that's just right for a family to relax and get down to eating!

About the "Take-Away" Service

Almost everything on the menu is "take awayable"........ To help us maintain high Standards of excellence for your eating pleasure and comfort please take a few moments to give us your opinion on the suggestion forms.