About Us

Jewel's is a wonderful blend of the Hotel, Fast Food, Ice-Cream Parlours and Hot Shoppe. The feeling is of space and coolness, Plenty of greens, colorful furniture and bright surroundings create a refreshing pleasant atmosphere that's just right for a family to relax.

Discover Elegance at it's highest crest in our luxuriously air-conditioned rooms. The 24 hours service offers light and Informal dining, Snacks and south Indian delicacies, vegetarian and non-vegetarian Thalis served in air-conditioned comforts. In Today’s world we have a got a chain of restaurant and hotel’s one above the other in some respect. Jewel's is one among such decent hotel’s of India whose name is enough to overwhelm any customer.

Jewel’s is one industry among the Jewel’s Group including cinema etc. Jewel’s has its hotel and Restaurant branches all over J&k state. All of them being decent 2-star hotel's. Jewel's excels in 2- star’s only because the J&k state is a smaller one and so is the number of visitors to the place. The information worth knowing about the jewel hotel’s is provided through various links , click one and you will find yourself on information highway of that particular thing.